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How to get organized in 4 steps

You might wonder what a post about organization is doing in a spiritual blog. Just continue reading and you will soon understand…;) But before I start, I would like to give you a small introduction to my relationship with being (un)organized: As a child, teenager and young adult I was horribly messy and unorganized. My …

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Empower yourself by taking responsibility

Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you – and no one else- that creates your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. – Peter Shepherd Are you trying to say that I am responsible for my own pain? Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to say. You are the only one …

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How I befriended my inner critic

Let’s start with a short description of myself: I am loud, talk incessantly, I am hyperactive, impulsive, spacey, impatient, bossy and if complaining were an Olympic discipline, I’d be winning. These are all character traits most people (including myself) are not very proud of. In the past few months, I started to notice how these …

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