Lazy Hiking: Easy Loop Hike at Fafleralp

Who says a beautiful hike with breathtaking views has to be difficult? Sure, in most cases hard work gets rewarded with the best views, but there are some exceptions, such as the loop walk  from Fafleralp in the Lötschen valley (Lötschental). 

The hike takes about 3-4 hours with a minimal elevation of around 300 m. Most parts of the hike are straight and very easily accessible. There is a possibility to continue the hike to the Anenhütte, which we didn’t do as we had a 2-year old hiking along with us (I guess that’s proof enough how easy the hike actually is). 

We started hiking from the parking lot in Fafleralp. From here the trail is marked very clearly. The only part we missed is the Grundsee which is a small lake right at the beginning of the hike. We eventually saw it from above and it looked really nice, so I’d recommend keeping at hand just to navigate to this small lake. 

View over the small bright green Grundsee

But no worries, even if you miss it, there’s loads of other things to see on this relaxing but beautiful hike. The hike starts with a very slow ascent through a valley. Along the way you cannot only enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, but also the wide variety of flowers. I did the hike in mid-July, around this time you can be assured to pass by several fields full of alpine flowers. 

A sea of colours
If you pay close attention you can even spot marmots

Towards the end of the valley, you’ll get nearer to the river Lonza which flows through the valley. From here you can also get a good view over the Lang glacier, a small glacier at the end of the valley. 

View over the river and the glacier

Unfortunately, you won’t get to see the glacier from very near as you’ll turn left for the only “serious” ascent during this hike. The ascent is really not very high nor very steep. While you slowly climb up, you can enjoy the wonderful mountain stream on your left hand side, the wonderful view over the valley and the change in scenery. 

Once you reach the highest point of the hike, you basically walk back the same way, but then 300m above the valley. Here you can enjoy more flowers, more views and another lake along the way, the Guggisee, before you start your descent back to Fafleralp again. 

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