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Getting Into Vibrational Alignment

7. June 2020 • Katja Laurien

We’re more than just physical beings. Most of all we’re vibrational beings. We attract and repel things, people and situations into our lives according to the frequency we’re vibrating on, therefore our “vibrational hygiene” is of utmost importance. Maybe you don’t really believe in this wishy-washy idea of vibrations and frequencies, but I’m pretty sure you know at least one person who seems to magically attract negativity and who (surprise, surprise!) turns out to be someone who tends to think negatively. Or the other way around, carefree and happy people who effortlessly manifest great things into their lives. Even the few adversities in their lives turn out to be a blessing!

I’ve written a post earlier on the Art of Manifestation in which I give a short description how manifestation works, but today I want to focus on one specific issue: How to get into alignment which can be translated into “How to feel great”. In order to manifest successfully your feelings (read: your vibrations) are crucial. Obviously, if you’re in a negative mood, you’ll most likely not attract too much good stuff. So, how do you get into a better mood without disrespecting your current feelings?

This is a very important question, as it’s absolutely not the idea to just force yourself into some belief you’re not holding. You can’t fool yourself into feeling rich and abundant when you’re struggling to get around. Making yourself believe that you’re happy and abundant in such a situation would not work. You could never truly feel better from ignoring your emotions and lying to yourself and the universe also wouldn’t fall for it. But fortunately, there are some other tools which I’d like to introduce to you today. The ideas I want to present to you today are mostly inspired by the work of Abraham Hicks, so if you’re interested in getting more in depth information feel free to visit the website or check the thousands of inspiring videos on YouTube. For now, let’s get started with my interpretation of how to get yourself in vibrational alignment, a prerequisite for any desired outcome in your life.

Give Up Resistance

First of all, start with the obvious: Give up resistance. Maybe you’re unaware of it, but what’s really bugging you oftentimes is not the situation but your resistance to it. The fact that you want things to be different makes it so difficult to actually enjoy what you have right now. You’re either time travelling in the past, wishing for something that’s long gone or you’re roaming around in the future, hoping it will one day come into your life. You rather spend time thinking of the things that are absent or unwanted in your life, rather than dedicating your thoughts to the things that are present and wanted. The truth is simple: You’re neither in the past, nor in the future, you’re in the Here and Now. So, why waste your precious energy on resisting this simple fact?

Breath in, breath out and relax. Allow yourself to arrive in the present moment and just be aware of what is. Is it really that bad? Are your thoughts actually helping you with your situation? Lay back and observe. Try to not engage for once with your thoughts and just observe what happens when you let go of resistance and just allow the current moment to be as it is. Apart from the fact that you can never change where you are right now, it also always is the best place for you to be. Believe it or not, but where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s the only place from which you can learn, it’s your own personal springboard to the next level. You can only take the leap forward from here and from nowhere else.

One thought that really helps me to accept the Here and Now and let go of resistance is the following: Who am I to judge what’s best for me? Obviously, I think that I know what I want and what’s best for me, but how can I be sure that’s the case? Imagine you desperately want to have a specific job, who says that there’s not a better one for you? No offense, you’re a magnificent human being, a gifted and talented unique snowflake with a radiant heart, but you’re definitely not all-knowing. Befriend yourself with this humbling thought, let go of control and allow yourself to be guided. Accept your reality and allow the flow of life to guide you through the necessary steps to your personal happiness.

Embrace Adversities

Unwanted situations and emotions are probably the most important factor that help us going into the right direction. Abraham Hicks calls the adversities “contrast” which I really like. The idea of the contrast is that by experiencing what you don’t want you can learn what it is that you actually do want. In a way our negative experiences are nothing more than a signpost towards our happiness. It brings us clarity in moments of confusion and chaos. The problem is that instead of just reading the sign and looking in which direction we’d rather want to move, we stop in front of the signpost and stop moving all together. Or we move before we have clarity and just walk in a random direction. That’s why we keep repeating the same mistakes. We get so stuck with how we feel about our situation that we completely lose sight of why we are in the situation: as part of a lesson. Every time we’re in an undesired situation all we need to do is acknowledge whatever it is that we’re not desiring and learning what it is we do desire. In fact, unwanted situations are nothing more than guidance and not, like many people think, some form of punishment or fault from their part or anyone else’s part. Thank life for showing you the road map to your most fulfilling life and move on. And the best way to “move on” in a situation you’re not supposed to try to control is by simply changing your attitude towards the situation. With the right attitude, clarity will come automatically and you’ll know straight away what to do.

Change Your Thoughts

As I mentioned, your bad feelings are not necessarily a product of your situation but rather of your thoughts, so in your thoughts you can find the key to relief. This is very important: Don’t try to change your emotions, simply change your thoughts. We can’t change our emotions. Emotions are energy in motion and by wanting to control them we mess with their natural flow. Messing with the flow of our emotions lead to blockages and are definitely not very useful for the purpose of creating a happy life.

In the Here and Now, feel your emotions, just make sure to drop the mental story you tell yourself about the emotion. Basically, drop your thoughts. Allow the emotion to run through and just witness them. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll find out that not your emotion is the problem, but the thought you have about the emotion. No matter how painful the emotion, after a while it will even feel good to just experience your emotions, as this is an act of deep self love which will automatically make you feel better.

Let’s get back to the thoughts. Remember the universe will yield you whatever you think about. It can’t distinguish between negative or positive, it just navigates wherever your attention is going to. So, take away your focus from whatever it is that you don’t want and shift towards more positive thoughts. It’s not about changing your thoughts around a 180 degrees, which is rather unproductive and nothing more than self-deception and denial. No, they key is to find the next better feeling thought.

This practice is so enormously powerful once you give it a serious try. No matter in which situation you are, there will always be something positive you can think of. Let me give you an example here: You’re desperately looking for a lover, but you can’t seem to find one. Instead of focusing on the lack of the lover you could also reframe your situation by thinking thoughts such as:

  • I’d rather be single than being in a dysfunctional relationship. At least I have some peace of mind.
  • What’s really making me unhappy is not the lack of the lover, but the thought I have about not having one. What’s the problem really?
  • Being single can actually be pretty great. I get to enjoy so much freedom.
  • While I’m single I have loads of time, let me invest this time in myself, my hobbies, my family and friends.
  • Love is everywhere, not only in a relationship, let me enjoy more the feeling of love I feel towards my family and friends.
  • The date with that horrible guy was a blessing, at least I know now what it is that I don’t want in my future partner.
  • Actually, I don’t even want to attract a partner until I’m in vibrational alignment. Obviously, I’ll only attract someone who’s in alignment with my vibration which at this moment would probably not be the best partner. I first want to be on the best possible frequency, so I can attract someone who’s equally attuned. Let me just enjoy life and the many possibilities while I’m patiently waiting for this perfect partner to come around.

Already feeling better? None of these thoughts are a lie. They’re all true and very legitimate. They don’t undermine your emotions, but the positive tone of the thoughts will eventually make you feel emotionally better. And what’s best, is that’s it’s actually really fun to have this kind of internal conversation. Most of the times it also doesn’t take very long before I’m feeling a relief washing over me. The relief comes from knowing that I don’t have to believe in my own negative thoughts anymore. I can see through the illusion of what I used to belief in and can sense the power I have to either choose to be happy or unhappy. Being able to control your thoughts, and therefore your feelings, is so liberating! It’s something no one can ever take away from you and therefore is true freedom.

Now let me warn you before you start with this process: Your brain is going to play tricks on you. You’re probably on this world for quite some time now, so your neural pathways are already connected in a specific way. Our mental connections are so ingrained, that it’s hard for our brain to suddenly take a different path. That’s why “better feeling thoughts” are so important. Make yourself believe something that’s not too far away from the pathway your brain is used to. In order to create successful connections between the pathways, it’s best to start with a thought that’s not too far from an already existing thought. Also give your brain some time to adjust to these new thoughts. After all, it has been using one path for many years, the new path first needs to be formed. This is the reason why you maybe feel resistant to accepting a new thought and even once you really want to adopt a new thought, it can still take some time for the brain to build these new paths.

Do yourself the favour and don’t give up too quickly! After some time, you’ll catch yourself enjoying the entire process, even the contrast. You start to understand that contrast is not there to annoy you, but to broaden your perspective and to give you insight into what it is you truly desire. If you accept this given and thank life for giving you this wonderful opportunity, you’ll love every aspect of life as you start to understand that the only task you have is to get yourself in vibrational alignment which in more earthly words can be described as simply feeling awesome under any circumstances!

Distract Yourself

So, what to do with our super pervasive thoughts? The ones that seem to follow us 24/7 everywhere we go? The strongest pathway in our brain? In the worst case scenario we completely divert ourselves from our situation and turn our actions and thoughts to other things. We just distract ourselves with things that help us divert from our thoughts. We don’t suppress the thoughts, we simply try to not give them any attention. By not using this specific pathway, you also can’t deepen it any further. I know, it can still be tough to quiet the mind, after all we take our thinking heads with us wherever we go, but don’t give up. Try to get off the subject, you’re free to choose the activity that helps you. Best is to do something that will even make you feel happy, so just have as much fun as you possibly can! That doesn’t really sound like an advice that’s hard to follow, isn’t it?

My personal favourite method of distraction is meditation. It takes some time for this technique to be effective, as most of the beginners will initially think more instead of less. But you’ll notice that the more often you meditate, the more your mind will quiet down and the easier it will be to watch your thoughts instead of engaging in them. And this is where the magic happens. Once you can watch your thoughts, instead of getting carried away by them, you can see them objectively. Now you can really have a close look at them and examine the level of truthfulness your thoughts hold. I’ve already laughed a great deal about my thoughts once I was able to see them from a distance. I’ve also cried from relief and self-compassion more than once to see how untrue my thoughts were and how they have kept me hostage for far too long. Getting to really see and understand your thoughts is probably the most liberating experience you can make. I guess throughout the post you got to understand the power of thought, as essentially it is from our (subconscious) thoughts that everything comes into existence, so could there be anything better to wish for but to dismantle and disarm our unhelpful thoughts?

In the end this is what it’s all about. It’s not about the physical manifestation of whatever you wish in your life, that’s just a little extra you get from the universe. The main reason you would want to be in vibrational alignment is because you want to feel awesome regardless of the conditions. You want to be free from you limiting thoughts and you want to learn from all the beautiful lessons and opportunities life gives you. Embrace these situations, embrace your life, embrace yourself and just wait to see the magic unfold…