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Akamas Hiking Trails - Smigies & Pissouromoutti

15. March 2020 • Katja Laurien

The Akamas Peninsula is a beautiful national park in the northwest of Cyprus. Even before coming to Cyprus I knew this was the place where I’d spend most of my time. For some reason most tourists seem to skip this part of the island, even though it’s the most beautiful part in my opinion. It might be due to the fact that there’s no “big city” near, only two small towns, Latchi and Polis.

Akamas Smigies 1

Polis is a small and charming town and pretty dead in winter, which is exactly what I liked about it

But this is exactly what I was looking for! While hiking in Cape Greco, you could definitely feel the city nearby. There were people near to the sights and even though the park was really beautiful, Cape Greco doesn’t really give you the feel of being in nature as Akamas National Park does. In some parts of Akamas I have wandered for hours without meeting a single soul. Of course, there are some parts where you’ll definitely meet more people (especially along the coast and on the Aphrodite Trail), but generally the amount of tourists in the park (in February) felt very pleasant, leaving you enough space and tranquility to really soak up the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Akamas Smigies 2

Enjoy the silence

Obviously, the park is also a lot bigger than Cape Greco and the hiking trails are longer. Today I want to introduce to you the Smigies Trail, the Pissouromoutti Trail and part of the Adonis Trail. Officially the Smigies Trail starts at the Smigies picnic site which is also directly connected to the Pissouromoutti Trail. But since the picnic site is only accessible by car and I had to rely on the bus, I did a slightly different tour.

The bus from Polis (and Latchi) will drop you off at the Baths of Aphrodite, from where I started the hike. In order to get to the Smigies Trail, you’ll have to walk about 45-60 minutes on the Adonis Trail. Head back from where the bus came from, along the road. After about 5-10 minutes you’ll see a sign, welcoming you to the Adonis Trail. Even though the trail is mainly marked, there are some parts where they seem to have forgotten about the signing, so I can definitely recommend keeping maps.me at hand.

The Adonis Trail starts with an ascent into a forest with mainly (heavenly smelling!) shrubs and flowers. I was a bit early in the season but in March/April Cyprus seems to be full of all kinds of flowers. Nevertheless, even early in the season I found some pretty flowers along the trail.

Akamas Smigies 03

Akamas Smigies 04

Akamas Smigies 05

I followed the Adonis Trail until Kefalovrisia (you can find the spot on maps.me), from where I saw signs guiding me to the Smigies Trail. I ended up starting the hike near the smelting tower (which eventually I never saw) and hiked to the picnic site clockwise. The hike is very nice, with a gradual descent and all along nice views on the seaside.

Akamas Smigies 06

Akamas Smigies 07

Once I reached the picnic site I made my way to the Pissourmoutti Trail. The trail is a short (45 minutes approximately) circular trail with the main highlight of an allround viewpoint. The hill looks pretty daunting as seen from below, but it’s an easy and beautiful 15-minute hike up. And when you’re up you’ll be patting your back and enjoying the wonderful 360° view over the area!

Akamas Smigies 08

Akamas Smigies 09

Akamas Smigies 10

If you’re short on time you could take the same way back as you came (counterclockwise), as this is the shorter and more scenic way to the viewpoint, otherwise just continue the circular track back to the picnic site from which you can resume the Smigies Trail. The second part of the trail starts with a short ascent with no shade, but soon ends up on a broad and even dirt road from where I soaked in the delightful views on the sea before I made my way back to the Adonis Trail and finished off this wonderful hike.

Akamas Smigies 11

Akamas Smigies 12