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The various facets of Montreux

18. April 2019 • Katja Laurien

Montreux has been on my bucket list for quite a while now and finally I made my way to this wonderful city. I had high expectations of the city with its amazing view over the lake and surrounding mountains. In order to make sure I could enjoy the city as much as possible, I choose a rather sunny day.

On my way to Montreux I was excited. The sun was shining, the weather was sweet. But once I arrived I could clearly see the lake, but where were the mountains? With some effort I could see the vague lines, but this was not as I had pictured it in my imagination…The view I had been looking forward to see was not visible. What was I going to do now?

Montreux 01

The promenade

Nevertheless, I continued my way on the promenade. It’s littered with beautiful, colourful flowers. I’ve never seen so many flowers in one small city like Montreux. Mesmerized by radiant colours and the seductive smells, I completely forgot my disappointment about the weather.

Montreux 02

Montreux 03

It’s pretty obvious that the city of Montreux puts a lot of effort in decorating the city, especially the promenade. Apart from the flowers, there are small parks and even pieces of art alongside the lake.

Montreux 04

Montreux 05


But Montreux has more to offer than just the promenade and flowers. All throughout the city there are many interesting and beautiful buildings. I particularly liked the picturesque lanes in the Old Town.

Montreux 06

Montreux 07

But also the newer part of the city has some interesting architecture to offer. In the midst of newer buildings, you’ll find some true jewels.

Montreux 08

Where else would you find a supermarket in such a beautiful building?

Gorge du Chauderon

And yes, Montreux has even more to offer. In walking distance there is a small canyon. From the train station it’s not more than 10-15 minutes until you reach the trail. I walked about 20 minutes on the rail before I had to turn back, because I was a bit short of time.

The canyon was not the most amazing canyon I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s a quick getaway from the city, a short retreat into nature. Unfortunately, there’s a highway running over the canyon, but I still enjoyed the sound of the water and the birds. The vegetation is pretty lush, I almost imagined myself to be in a jungle.

Montreux 10

Chateau de Chillon

Montreux 11

This is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Montreux. About 30-45 minutes walking distance along the promenade you’ll find an old castle right on the shore of Lac Leman. The castle looks majestically, overlooking the crystal clear lake with the mountains and the city of Montreux in the background.

Montreux 12

So, does this sounds as if the clouds and the lack of the “most perfect view” ruined my visit to Montreux? Not in the least! The city has much more to offer than its superb lake view. In order to see a city’s true beauty, we sometimes have to be confronted with its shadow. Like every other aspect of life, we first need to accept something unconditionally before we can truly enjoy its positive aspects.

Montreux 13