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The Gateway to Montenegro: Kotor

22. June 2019 • Katja Laurien

While travelling in Montenegro I was told by a local that Kotor is referred to as the Gateway to Montenegro. I didn’t even need an explanation, I immediately saw why people would say this. Kotor is the “jewel” of Montenegro, the one place you have to have seen when visiting the country. For many people, myself included, it’s the reason to visit the country in the first place.

Montenegro Kotor 01

When I first decided to visit Montenegro in 2015 I based my decision on one single picture of the view over the Bay of Kotor. I was sold instantly. The country has a lot more to offer (which is one the reason why I came back in 2019 for another visit and I’d happily come back for many more visits!), but you definitely shouldn’t skip Kotor. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of touristy places, but there’s a good reason why Kotor is so crowded and overrun. It is indeed a wonderful city which will take your breath away. And fortunately, there are ways to avoid the sheepish crowds of tourists if you veer just a little bit off the beaten path.

Montenegro Kotor 02

Montenegro Kotor 03

Even bad weather can’t keep Kotor from being gorgeously beautiful

Montenegro Kotor 04

If you love cats you’ll love Kotor. There are so many of them, they’ve acquired a special status in the city.

Kotor Old Town

Montenegro Kotor 05

Kotor’s biggest plus is not only being surrounded by azure blue water and beautiful mountains, but also for having a gem of an old town. The Old Town is not very big, but it’s worth a visit if you can appreciate some old style architecture.

Montenegro Kotor 06

Montenegro Kotor 07

Montenegro Kotor 08

Enjoy watching the cats of Kotor, spread all over the city, relaxing in all possible ways

The Old Town is, just like the rest of Kotor, generally packed with tourists. In order to avoid the crowds it’s best to go into the city in the evenings. Most of the cruise ships will have left the bay and with it thousands of tourists.

Montenegro Kotor 09

Montenegro Kotor 10

The Old Town is the place to be to do some colourful shopping

San Giovianni Castle + Hiking trail to viewpoint

So, this is probably thé most well known tourist attraction of Kotor. From the Old Town there is a long stairway leading up to the old castle which gives you a truly superb view over the city and the bay of Kotor. In order to get up those stairs you’ll have to pay a whopping €8 entrance fee, but there is a way to get around it.

Montenegro Kotor 11

Pass this bridge and the next one in order to find the alternative route

A far better way, in fact. If you walk out of the North Gate of the Old Town and you pass over the two bridges, turn right and you’ll find an alternative path which is a lot more enjoyable in two ways. First of all, there is a lot less people on this road as fortunately not everyone is aware of it. Secondly, it pleasantly zigzags its way up compared to the steep stairs.

Montenegro Kotor 12

Don’t forget to appreciate the flora and the “fauna” (mostly cats and goats) while hiking up

Montenegro Kotor 13

On the way up, there’s a small café where you can have a drink and some homemade cheese with bread. I went there with a girl I met in the hostel and we ended up paying a horrendous price, so make sure to ask the price before you order anything.

Montenegro Kotor 14

The view from the Castle

If you’re in to some more hiking, don’t go to the castle straight away. On maps.me you will find the trail which leads towards Lovćen National Park. On the way you will see several marked viewpoints. I went up towards the first viewpoint, just before you start walking into a forest.

Montenegro Kotor 15

View from the viewpoint

I can recommend hiking up as it’s not a very long hike (approximately 2-2.5 hours hike) and the view is wonderful. Furthermore, it’s just such a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the lower parts of Kotor. I sporadically met some other hikers, but compared to the crowds in the rest of the city it was really tranquil and peaceful.

Montenegro Kotor 16


Montenegro Kotor 17

Perast is, in fact, another city not far from Kotor. It’s about 30 minutes by bus and can be easily done in half a day. So, if you have only one day you could easily visit Perast and the castle in one day.

Montenegro Kotor 18

Montenegro Kotor 19

The main highlight in Perast are the two islands Our Lady of the Rocks and Saint George Island. Saint George is not opened to tourists, but can be admired when visiting Our Lady of the Rocks Island by boat.

Montenegro Kotor 20

Montenegro Kotor 21

Our Lady of the Rocks

Montenegro Kotor 22

Saint George Island as seen from Our Lady of the Rocks Island

Montenegro Kotor 23

Apart from the islands it’s worth strolling around Perast, but you’ll be done very quickly. Perast is tiny and all the architecture of interest seems to be along the coast.

Montenegro Kotor 24

Montenegro Kotor 25

Montenegro Kotor 26

Or maybe take a jump into the water from Perast. The beach is probably going to be less crowded than the beach in Kotor.

Strolling along the coast

From Kotor it’s possible to walk along the coast all the way down to the very end of the neighbouring “city” Dobrota. It’s possible to continue walking, but some parts will lead you over the highway.

In both visits combined I walked all the way from Kotor to the small village Donja Orahovac and all I can say is: the further away you get from Kotor the more beautiful the coastline gets. Obviously, it’s less crowded, more idyllic and the water seems to become clearer as well. Below you’ll find the pictures in (more or less) sequential order, starting in Kotor.

Montenegro Kotor 27

The beach of Kotor is conveniently near to the city. If you take a little bit more time you can easily find a place where it’s less crowded and cleaner. Just be aware that some places are private and might not be accessible.

Montenegro Kotor 28

Don’t let yourself get distracted too much by the water. Along the coast there are some truly beautiful buildings worth a look.

Montenegro Kotor 29

Montenegro Kotor 30

What about this tiny, quiet and clean beach as an alternative?

Montenegro Kotor 31

Montenegro Kotor 32


Montenegro Kotor 33

Montenegro Kotor 34

Montenegro Kotor 35

Mussel farm

Montenegro Kotor 36

Donja Orahovac - The End