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Round Hike with Lake View: Heiligenschwendi

16. June 2020 • Katja Laurien

Are you looking for an easy, accessible hike with a great view over the lake of Thun? Then the round hike at Heiligenschwendi is a great option. The hike starts at an elevation of 1125 m at the Rehazentrum Heiligenschwendi and takes about 2-2.5 hours. The highest point is the view tower Blueme at 1392 m from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view over the area.

Heiligenschwendi 1

From the Rehazentrum start following the signs to Niesenbänkli. Therefore you first have to walk along the main road for a bit. From there you’ll be led to the viewpoint Niesenbänkli through a beautiful forest. Once you reach Niesenbänkli enjoy the superb view over the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Heiligenschwendi 2

From here, you have to walk a bit back to where you came from and continue the hike which leads over a beautiful meadow, with a wonderful view on the mountain range “Die Sieben Hengste” in front of you and the lake to the right.

Heiligenschwendi 03

Continue following this path from where you can see the “Sieben Hengste” in the background

When you reach the small farm turn left in order to continue to Margelsattel. You’ll cross another typically Swiss meadow with lush grass and colourful flowers. Heiligenschwendi 4 Continue ascending and start following the signs to Blueme. Turn around and soak in the wonderful scenery before you continue in the forest again. Heiligenschwendi 5

The view tower Blueme is in the middle of the forest, so if you want to have a view you need to get into the tower. Because of the surrounding trees the view towards the lake is actually even less nice than the ones from for example Niesenbänkli. It is nevertheless nice to have the 360 degree view over the entire area.

From the view tower it’s only 30 minutes back to the Rehazentrum.

Heiligenschwendi 6