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Minimum effort, maximum view: Gantrisch Loop Hike

24. November 2021 • Katja Laurien

I guess the title already says it all: This is a pretty short hike of maximum 3 hours, but you’ll be rewarded with amazing views! Even better, you don’t need to take an expensive cable car. You can either reach the starting point with the bus or by car. The hike starts at Gurnigel Wasserscheide. From here you first follow the signs to the Leiterepass. The hike starts very easy with some wonderful views over the valley.

Gantrisch 01

I did this hike together with my sister in mid-october. By this time it has already snowed and the parts that lie in the shadow of the Gantrisch were still covered in snow and ice. For me, it was pretty difficult (especially the ascend on the other side), but my sister (who was only wearing simple trainers) didn’t really mind that much. So, depending on how secure you feel walking on snow and ice you might want to do this hike in summer or before the snow falls.

Gantrisch 02

Gantrisch 03

Me, trying to not fall off the mountain!

Once you get over the Leiterepass you will be rewarded with some amazing views over the Swiss alps! Since this is the sunny side of the hike, there is also no snow here. My sister and I ended up lying in the grass, enjoying the sun and views for more than hour. We couldn’t get enough of it!

Gantrisch 04

Gantrisch 05

From here we continued following the signs to the Morgetepass. Once you reach the Morgetepass, you will once again be rewarded with more amazing views.

Gantrisch 06

Gantrisch 07

From here you will have to follow the signs back to Gurnigel Wasserscheide or Gantrisch Seeli. Once you pass the snowy part again, it’s an easy hike back on a very broad road. You can opt to stop by the Gantrischseeli, but my sister didn’t have the energy anymore (she is not used to hiking), so I just took a quick glance at it from a distance. After all, we had been already rewarded with so many wonderful views, I was more than satisfied with this beautiful hike.

Gantrisch 08

Gantrisch 09

Gantrisch 10

Gantrischseeli from a distance