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Idyllic Switzerland: From Ernen to Mühlebach

17. August 2019 • Katja Laurien

Today I want to introduce to you the hike between Ernen and Mühlebach. In fact, it’s only a short 30 min walk (one way), but it has quite a bit to offer: wonderful mountain views, two charming authentic Swiss villages and a suspension bridge.

Ernen 01

The suspension bridge between Mühlebach and Fürgangen

Ernen 02

Ernen and Mühlebach are both two picturesque villages which make you feel like travelling back in time. Take your time to marvel at the rustic, wooden houses which are surrounded by colourful flowers and vegetable gardens against the backdrop of the Swiss mountains.

Ernen 03

Ernen 04

Traditional Switzerland meets Eastern Spirituality: Swiss Zen

The short hike between the two villages is straight and leads along outstretched meadows, covered by wild plants and flowers. All along the way you get a nice view over the surrounding mountains. The end of the trail leads through the forest.

Ernen 05

Ernen 06

Once you reach Mühlebach make your way to the suspension bridge. After coming out of the forest, you’ll pass a small bridge from where you enter Mühlebach. Here there are some signs, but none of them marks the way to the suspension bridge. From mpas.me I figured it’s best to turn left from here. But in fact, it doesn’t really matter. Mühlebach is so small, you could probably walk around the entire village in 10 minutes and still end up finding the bridge.

Ernen 07

Ernen 08

View over the valley from the bridge

The suspension bridge, also known as the “Goms Bridge” connects the villages of Mühlebach and Fürgangen. The bridge is 280 meters long, 1.4 meters wide and hovers 92 meters above the canyon. I’m a bit afraid of heights, so for me crossing the bridge back and forth was quite an adventure!

Ernen 09

Beautiful, surreal and a bit scary view from the bridge

If you have more time to spare, there are definitely more things you can do in the area. Just on the other side of the bridge, you can take the gondola from Fürgangen to Bellwald (which we unfortunately didn’t do) or you could just stay in the area and continue hiking. So far, I haven’t explored the area very well, but I know there’s a wonderful hike from Binn to the lake Mässer. If you’re by car, just drive further up from Ernen and within 15 minutes you’ll be in Binn. Either way, whether you want it to be a sweet and short day or a long adventurous day, in this area you won’t be disappointed!