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Swiss Grand Canyon: Creux du Van

26. July 2020 • Katja Laurien

In terms of nature Switzerland is definitely one of my favourite countries. It’s not only insanely beautiful, but it’s also pretty versatile. Mostly known for the magnificent alpine landscape, it has so much more to offer though. Such as for example the beautiful canyon Creux du Van near to Neuchâtel.

Creux du Van 1

Before going I searched the internet for hiking trails. For some reason there was only one hiking trail I consistently kept finding, which is a round trip from Noiraigue to Le Soliat which leads alongside the canyon and seems to take about 4.5 hours. Thinking this was the only option, I just entered Creux du Van into the GPS. We ended up at a parking lot next to a restaurant named “La Grand Vy”. To my surprise, the signposts signaled only 30 minutes to the canyon. Obviously, we had accidentally found ourselves a shortcut. From La Grand Vy the hike is indeed very short and very easy. So, if you’re really into a proper hike, don’t make the same mistake!

The canyon is indeed very pretty, but there was one huge downside: it was extremely crowded. Maybe our timing was also a bit suboptimal: it was a rather sunny Sunday after a period of rain, right after the borders opened after the Corona crises. Obviously, most people we came across weren’t Swiss and everyone seemed to enjoy traveling again. Anyways, it’s still a beautiful place, just check your timing before you go ;)

Creux du Van 2

Thanks to the huge amount of time we saved, we decided to relax a bit on the meadow after we reached the end of the canyon. There’s a meadow along the trail with a lot of cows and also two donkeys. I LOVE donkeys and therefore we decided to sit near to them, hoping they’d come close to us. My wish came true and within minutes we were surrounded by two extremely cute donkeys. To be honest with you, they were more of a highlight than the canyon itself! They were very curious and very friendly, staying near to us the entire time, wanting us to pet them which we, of course, happily did!

Creux du Van 3

Creux du Van 4

On the way back, we decided not to walk alongside the canyon (as this is obviously the busiest route), but via the meadow next to the trail. From here there’s also a small trail leading to the other side of the meadow from where you can enjoy the view over the area and a bit of tranquility :)

Creux du Van 5

Creux du Van 6

Creux du Van 7