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The Sacred Longing for Love

7. November 2021 • Katja Laurien

We all long to be loved. It’s a fact. We are hardwired to be connected to our fellow human beings in a variety of ways. And still there are more and more people who seem to be fine with not having friends or being single. In this post I want to discuss the lacking desire to be connected to others and I’ll specifically focus on romantic relationships. Let’s start with the question why we are so opposed to our own human nature by cutting ourselves off from love?

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Inspiration for Inspired Action

3. October 2021 • Katja Laurien

Effort has a bad reputation in the spiritual world. It’s associated with stress, resistance and action which is out of alignment. On the spiritual path we attempt to do things from a place of ease, guidance and allowance. Whereas this is definitely desirable, I noticed that we tend to forget that we took our ego with us on this path which tends to twist and turn spiritual concepts to its own needs and desires.

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Living with an Open vs a Closed Heart

5. September 2021 • Katja Laurien

We all want to live with an open heart - theoretically. But in practice we see that the majority of people keep their hearts closed to a certain extent. Some of us do it consciously, but most people are not even aware of it. Those who are aware would say that they “protect” themselves from being hurt and would even call it a form of self love to not let anyone enter their hearts without proving themselves worthy of it.

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What it Truly Means to be Healed

1. August 2021 • Katja Laurien

Eventually we’re all on the spiritual path for one reason: healing. Inspired by romanticized ideas of spirituality, we think that being healed means we’re constantly living in bliss. Life is suddenly one big party, we only encounter friendly people, everyone likes us and negative emotions are vague memories from the past. I would lie if I would say that this isn’t exactly the idea with which I embarked on the spiritual journey.

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Why Love Sometimes Needs to Hurt

4. July 2021 • Katja Laurien

In my last post I shared common misconceptions about love and how our ego can turn the most romantic ideas into dreadfully painful situations. I finished the post by letting you know that these ego-tendencies are in fact normal and necessary to our evolution which I will discuss in this post. If you’ve read more of my post you’ll know that I’m not necessarily opposed to our ego - to the contrary.

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Myths About Love That Keep Us From Loving

6. June 2021 • Katja Laurien

Despite the growing consciousness of mankind, I keep realizing how many people still hold on to misconceptions about love. The way our society thinks of love and the aspects of love that are praised by most people are in fact the exact opposite of love. No wonder we all have difficulties in finding satisfaction in love if we nurture the wrong aspects of it. In this post I discuss some of the most common misconceptions about love, which - once correctly understood - could spare you the pain of investing more energy into these false beliefs.

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How to Deal with a Spiritual Bypass

2. May 2021 • Katja Laurien

Everyone who has walked the spiritual path will have experienced themselves using spiritual practices in order to avoid facing painful emotions or unwanted truths. We do this by thinking rigidly positive and denying the negative (“Me, angry? No way!”) or by rationalizing how we should feel instead of simply acknowledging what is going on inside of us (“I can’t be angry. Anger arises from the ego and I am NOT my ego!

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Become Whole - Integrating the Soul and the Ego

4. April 2021 • Katja Laurien

Walking the spiritual path can be very confusing and exhausting. I’ve personally been plagued very often with the question why we’re equipped with an ego and a soul at the same time. And how come it’s easier for most people to follow their ego instead of their soul? Why is the voice of our soul so quiet compared to the voice of our ego? The fact that I couldn’t really come to a satisfying solution at times made me doubt the relevance of a spiritual lifestyle.

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Change Your Brain - Change Your Life

7. March 2021 • Katja Laurien

Why is it so hard to bring about lasting change? Is our will too weak? Our desire not strong enough? Or are we incapable? No, we’re simply human. Everyone feels resistance to change. It’s completely normal and part of our biology to resist change, especially if keeping the status quo doesn’t threaten our survival. Change implies effort and courage to explore which means we might get lost outside of our comfort zone.

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How to Do Less and Be More

7. February 2021 • Katja Laurien

Are you familiar with this nagging feeling that you’re not doing enough? I’m not talking about the times that you’re procrastinating, but about having this feeling hanging like a dark cloud above your life. I actually thought I had moved past this feeling, but during the lockdowns in 2020 I found out that it wasn’t over yet…When the lockdowns started I was a waitress and therefore couldn’t work for an extended period of time.

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