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Ayia Napa for Nature-Lovers: Cape Greco

3. March 2020 • Katja Laurien

When I first started researching the “to-do’s” in Cyprus, I quickly abandoned the idea of going to Ayia Napa. All I read gave me the impression that this is thé place to be for mass tourism, especially the partying people. That’s definitely not the kind of place I’d want to find myself during my precious holidays, so I thought I’d better skip it. Until I found a blog post about Cape Greco, the beautiful national park not even 15 minutes away from bustling Ayia Napa.

Cape Greco is a small peninsula, not even 10 km from Ayia Napa, connected with a bus that runs every 30 minutes (more or less, depending on the time of the day, the weekday and probably the schedule also changes in summer). You could also easily reach the park with a car, which most of the people seemed to do. I realized that I met almost all other people near the main attractions (which all have a parking lot near), but I rarely met anyone on the hiking trails between the sights.

Cape Greco 01

Beautifully empty hiking trails

I actually found this strange, because the park is really very small (you can easily see everything on one day even by foot) and there are trails all over the park. But well, I won’t complain, because to be honest I really enjoyed the tranquility of the empty hiking trails :)

Before coming to the park I was a bit confused about the trails. There are many which lead to different points, all of them rather short. I didn’t know whether it was possible to connect all these trails on one day, but as you already read this is definitely possible! In order to visit all the sights in this post, it took me about 4 hours. Obviously, if you come in summer or during a warmer time of the year (I went in February), you might consider planning some extra time to take a swim in the gorgeous crystal waters ;)

Cape Greco 02

This water almost begs you to just jump into it!

Sea Caves

I started with a visit to the sea caves. From the bus stop, I walked down, following the Aphrodite trail which magically disappears pretty soon (maybe it was also just me not paying attention very well…). I mainly used maps.me to navigate around which is probably a bit more reliable than the trail marks. Just make sure you download the map before you come to the park, the network over there is really bad. From the bus stop I basically walked down towards the sea and walked around the hill on the right side.

Cape Greco 03

Once you get around the hill, there’s a trail to the left, leading along the coast. I lost this trail pretty quickly as well, as I just wanted to get closer to the water. In fact, this is no problem, as you’re basically walking over the rocks. If you have thin shoes it might be better to stick to the path, otherwise feel free to just wander around and watch the waves dashing on the cliffs, leaving behind some beautiful natural pools.

Cape Greco 04

Cape Greco 05

Once you reach the sea caves, you’ll notice by the “civilization” popping up. It was not crowded or anything, but up until that point I hadn’t seen a single soul, so seeing 5 other people already felt crowded, haha! I soaked in the beauty of the sea caves before I headed back to the hill to my next stop.

Cape Greco 06

Cape Greco Viewpoint

After the sea caves I made my way to the top of the hill, the viewpoint. Already on the way you can get some nice views over the park, with Ayia Napa in the background.

Cape Greco 07

From the viewpoint you don’t only have a wonderful view over the area, but there’s also a nice monument of peace.

Cape Greco 08

Cape Greco 09

Cape Greco 10

Blue Lagoon

After the viewpoint I went down again, towards the Blue Lagoon which is situated on the small peninsula. The view onto the Lagoon is really beautiful and definitely worth it.

Cape Greco 11

It doesn’t really look like it’s easy to get down to the water to take a swim, but no worries! Just continue a little bit further and you’ll come along a spot that’s perfect for swimming. Unfortunately, there’s no real beach, but the rocks are really fine to sit on.

Cape Greco 12

Lover’s Bridge

After the Blue Lagoon I continued along the coast, towards Konnos Beach. On the way I passed by the Lover’s Bridge which is a natural stone bridge. Due to safety reasons it’s not possible to climb onto the bridge. But to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even want to climb on top of it, even if it were allowed…

Cape Greco 13

Ayioi Anargiroi Church

I continued further along the coast and passed by the Ayioi Anargiroi Church. It’s a small, rather unimpressive Greek-Orthodox Church. Later the hostel owner told me that in summer people go down where the church is in order to jump down from a rock. So, if you’re into a bit of adventure, this is your place to be.

Cape Greco 14

Konnos Beach

From the church it’s approximately a 20-30 minute hike to Konnos Beach. I intended on doing that, but it had started to become pretty windy and a bit cloudy and I was completely underdressed (I guess February weather in Cyprus can be really tricky, when the sun shines it’s hot, but as soon as the sun goes, you’ll notice the air is still cool. So, if you go to Cyprus in winter: Be prepared!). So, I decided to turn around, so I would be back on time to catch my bus.

Cape Greco 15

From the church you can already see Konnos Beach

As you see, it’s definitely worth spending a day in Ayia Napa, even if it’s just for the park. Seen the proximity to the city and the size of the park I would recommend coming as early as possible in the season, as it’s probably rather crowded in high season. Either way, it’s a beautiful piece of nature you shouldn’t skip when you happen to be around!

Cape Greco 16