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Hiking from Alp to Alp: Bettmeralp to Fiescheralp

12. November 2020 • Katja Laurien

This is just another short post on my favourite hiking country: Switzerland! The hike I want to present to you is a short roundhike (approximately 2.5 hours) starting from Bettmeralp hiking towards Fiescheralp, finishing off with a refreshing dip into the Bettmer Lake/ Bettmersee. Both alps are more or less on the same height, which makes this hike also a relatively easy one. I’d recommend starting at Bettmeralp, since the cable car to Fiescheralp is a lot more expensive. We drove up to Betten Dorf by car and from there took the cable car to Bettmeralp (CHF 6.80 one way, full fare).

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 01

View over Bettmeralp on the way towards Fiescheralp

The first 20 minutes start with a bit of an ascend (about 250 m in total). But no worries, the ascend comes along with some superb views and if you’re lucky like me to go during the bilberry season (I went in August), you can make frequent stops and eat bilberries all along the way :)

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 02

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 03

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 04

The trail to Fiescheralp is marked and is pretty much a straight line. Once you reach Fiescheralp, you can grab maps.me and navigate towards Schönboden-See in order to take a different route back.

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 05

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 06

Schönboden-See from a distance

You could decide to take a swim here, instead of in the Bettmer Lake. The lakes are both probably equally cold, but this one is a lot more quiet, but also smaller.

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 07

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 08

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 09

This is what I love Switzerland for: You always meet a friendly cow along the way...

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 10

Once you’ve passed the Schönboden Lake, you can navigate towards Bettmer Lake where you can enjoy the rest of the day. There are some supermarkets in the village of Bettmeralp, so you could even arrange a small picnic, like we did. And before you jump into the water: Be aware that the water is really pretty cold (the lake is at an elevation of 2000 m), but with some will power it’s really worth a quick swim! You’ll feel born again afterwards! :)

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 11

Just look at all those yummy blueberry bushes!

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 12

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 13

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 14

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 15

After a chilled out afternoon at the lake, you could either take the cable car back again or you could add another hour or so to walk back to Betten Dorf. We opted for the second and I can really recommend doing the same. Even though it’s a descent of nearly 800 m, my weak knees didn’t mind and I really enjoyed the tranquility (very few people hike here) and the views.

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 16

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 17

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 18

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 19

Bettmeralp-Fiescheralp 20