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My name is Katja and I’m here to share stories and anecdotes from my life. It’s my goal to share insights and ideas I have gained along the way, to help and inspire you in your lives. My stories mainly revolve around my spiritual development, but since I am already sharing stories with you, I share my travel stories as well.

I was brought up in different countries and from a very young age, I have been travelling. Ever since I can’t manage to stay at one place for very long time and I’m constantly looking out for the perfect holiday. In this quest I always enjoyed other people’s travel blogs, so why not share my experiences with you?

The emphasis, however, is on my spiritual experiences and insights. Since 2010 I am actively soul searching. It started out with a relationship that was not quite working the way I wanted it. I wanted to make it work so much, that I sought remedies to cure the relationship everywhere, including on the spiritual path. I thought by changing my flawed personality, I could save my relationship.

In order to achieve this, I read piles of books, practiced yoga and tried to meditate on a regular basis. Despite all my efforts I took to better myself, my boyfriend eventually left me. I felt like a horrible failure and doomed to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I didn’t trust this whole spiritual path anymore and thought happiness could only be achieved by living as a monk in a Buddhist temple, renouncing from worldly pleasures and pursuing a sober lifestyle. But I ate meat, I smoked cigarettes and I drank. Obviously, happiness simply wasn’t made for people like me.

But a silent voice deep inside me whispered into my heart that I wasn’t a failure and that the path I had taken was worth continuing.  Fortunately, I listened to that voice and continued searching for my soul. Finally, towards the end of 2016 I got rewarded for the hard work. I was in one of the most painful situations in my life (again due to a failed love relationship), but this time I was surprisingly calm and content. For the first time in my life I really started to get a glimpse of what the spiritual terms like “inner peace”, “self love” and “surrender” really meant.  Ever since I continue to discover bits and pieces of my soul, uncovering them from different layers buried under childhood traumas and false beliefs. This ongoing process has changed my view on life fundamentally. I am not enlightened (yet ;)) or anything near to that, but I do have to say that my life has been lightened up immensely.

I have always been lucky to have supporting people in my environment. Especially my mum has guided me throughout my spiritual journey. Unfortunately, not everyone has someone in his or her personal life to support and understand them. Many people feel misunderstood and even ridiculed when they decide to walk the spiritual path. They feel inhibited to express their alternative thoughts, afraid of being labelled as dumb or naive. I have created this blog for those people. I want to give those people the feeling of being supported and understood (even if it’s only virtual). By sharing my experiences and insights, I hope to inspire and motivate people to also change their habitual way of seeing life and to find alternative ways to tackle their life problems. I hope you will enjoy my blog and I’m looking forward to read your comments and to learn from you as well on our shared path to happiness.

Katja Laurien